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INFOGRAPHIC: Our Year in Review - 2018

It's pretty clear that 2018 has been a great year for golf and it's been another huge 12 months for us too, with Hole19'ers around the world contributing to one of our busiest and best years to date.

In terms of app feature additions, early in 2018 we added the 'No Scoring' Mode before releasing the 'Handicap Simulator' Premium feature for the UK and Europe. The beginning of the Summer brought our very first 'Hole19 Hackathon' where we were able to bring our 'Club Recommendation' Premium feature to iOS users. Then, as if that weren't enough, we released 'Match Play' Mode and 'In-Round AR' (iOS)... yep, that's right, we've been rather busy!!

Getting back to the standout stats for the past year, here are some of the highlights:

Our 'Big Numbers' for 2018 are in...

The all-important numbers from our golfers' performances during 2018...

Ever wondered which countries' golfers were most active on the Hole19 app? Check out the Top 5 Nations below...

We're always interested to find out which course is the most played in each region. Below you'll see the top 5 in each region…

Now for a look at our ever-improving headline 'All-Time Stats'...

Thank you to each and every member of our Hole19 community for making 2018 one of our best yet.

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