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Podcast: Michael Collins, ESPN (part 2)


Piece: "I'd Like to See Liam Neeson Play THIS Michael Collins"

Artist: Unknown
Location: Hole19 Museum of Modern Art

"If [Steph Curry] quit basketball, and took 8 months and only trained in golf, he could probably make the Tour. The Tour for sure, but he could probably make it on the PGA Tour." (5:20)

In part 1, we learned that Michael digs Vice Media, doesn't dig speed metal (but thinks Judas Priest are cool guys), and is generally a piece of work.

The stories and opinions continue aplenty with Michael in part 2, where he tells the tale of how he got his job with ESPN through Twitter, about the time Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee shot 64 with him, and the double-edged sword that is modern media (Table of Contents below):

Table of Contents##

The whacky road of Michael's career that led him to ESPN 0:00
What can we do to improve the golf TV broadcast? 3:54
Tiger Woods needs to get his cape cleaned 10:30
Modern media's effect on Michael doing standup comedy today 15:00

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Like ESPN did in 2011, you too can connect on Twitter with Michael Collins @ESPNCaddie.


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