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Podcast: Tom Henze, Dagwood Golf (part 2)

Dagwood Golf

If part 1 was the front 9, this is the back 9 of the Tom Henze podcast. I'd say Tom played solid on the front (you can be the judge), but he saved plenty of fireworks for the back.

The quotes that follow are from a single 1-minute stretch from the 4:50 to 5:50 mark. It's interesting that they all stand alone beautifully in their own way, and together resemble a semi-automatic burst of birdies:

"I'm not so interested in what Tiger Woods is up to. I'm more interested in people who found the game of golf and fell in love with it, and now try to incorporate that into their life." (4:50 mark)

"Bill Murray is a beautiful story, that he has found this, and the privilege of his success has made him prominent in the sport, and I like that." (5:05 mark)

"I'm interested in people who have a devotion for something, who are professionals in some sort of way, but love golf, and around those people I would like to create some content." (5:23 mark)

"I don't ever see Dagwood being a brand for pros, but always being a brand for friends." (5:42 mark)

Listen to part 2 here:

##Table of Contents##
Tom's background and its reflection in Dagwood Golf 0:57
The ethos of Dagwood: A brand for friends 4:50
The demographic sweet spot of Dagwood and Hole19 5:50
The freedom of a modern premium brand 8:00
What about Asian cultures and markets has promoted traction there? 12:29
Women's current position in golf across countries 14:55

Dagwood Products (with Quotes)##


"I dont think you can create a brand these days and rule out any part of the business. Dagwood will hopefully make products, sooner or later, that go way beyond a [golf] glove." (8:33 mark)

"I'm not that interested in just creating product after product on the apparel, accessory, or shoe side, because in the end that's only creating more product, and is not enhancing our idea that you buy less products. I don't even think it is that interesting to create bags over bags and just renew your marketing strategy from year to year. Dagwood's idea would rather be, start with products, and then grow into activities, and then maybe grow into communication...If you create a premium brand these days, if you really succeed in that, then you are not limited to the questions that an old brand has." (9:30 mark)

Dagwood Golf

"In Japan as well as in South Korea, there is a very fashion savvy society that also is not having any issues connecting their lifestyle to golf" (13:30 mark)

Dagwood Golf

"I don't like the notion that golf clubs are this little place where men can be men and where they escape from their responsibilities in real life...Dagwood truly wants to be a unisex brand" (15:38)

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