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What's on in Costa del Sol in 2018

Costa del Sol (coastline of the Province of Málaga in Spain), affectionately nicknamed ‘Costa del Golf’ and it is the golfing destination of choice for countless golf lovers, having the highest concentration of high-quality golf courses in Europe. This part of southern Spain has more than 70 different golf courses to choose from, something like a ‘golfing paradise’ for many:

We are feeling the summer vibes already, but this isn't the only time of the year where you can have your precious getaways... Costa del Sol has a lot to offer to all visitors all year round: concerts, music, fairs and popular festivals, exhibitions, sports and activities to enjoy with the whole family. So, if you’re already planning your travel to this warm region, make sure to check all that’s going on this year and don’t miss a thing during your visit.

Is golf the only sport you can enjoy at Costa del Sol?

We are sure that golf is your number 1 sport, but you should know that there are more sports activities that you can find in the Costa del Sol: basketball, first division football, golf tournaments, races, marathons and cycling activities (check them all here).

Do you play tennis? Take a look at the 5 places to play tennis at Costa del Sol.

If golf is your only interest, here are the summer golf tournaments taking place in this wonderful region:

World Amateur Golfers Championship Spain 2018 - In Guadalhorce Club Golf on August the 4th. Also, this tournament is classification for the National Championship, whose winners will represent Spain at the WAGC 2018 World Championship in Malaysia.

Campo Parador Golf and Golf Torrequebrada resorts also host classification trials for this championship on August 11th and 12th respectively.

Corporate 2018 Circuit - Paraíso Club Golf (August 6th) and Alhaurín de la Torre Golf Resort (August 11th). This tournament has 32 trials, which are celebrated at Spain’s best golf courses, plus the National Great Final.

Celebrate like never before

Want to discover Andalusian ambience and its culture? You can find and enjoy different fairs and festivals in the towns and villages throughout the Province of Málaga, where you will get to know its history, its typical cuisine, and its people!

From music festivals and gastronomic parties like The Fiesta de la Castaña, where you can enjoy chestnuts and wine, to special festivities like the Dog Festival in Archidona.

Maybe a night out at Costa del Sol? Find here the nocturnal activities which you can be part of, there has to be something that fits your taste!

If you want to know what else you can do during your trip, take a look at our Explorer’s guide or visit the Costa del Sol website here.


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