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3 of our Favourite Underrated Features

We, obviously, spend a lot of time using the Hole19 App on the golf course and around Hole19 HQ everyone has their favourite features. Our new Distance Tracker is proving borderline addictive for the more competitive golfers here.

But what about those features that sometimes go unnoticed? The 'unsung heros'.

We asked our golfers to tell us what they felt were the most underrated and underused Hole19 features.

Here's what they came up with:

Course Notes

One of our Hole19 Premium features and one that's frequently overlooked. Tournament golfers amongst the Hole19 staff love this feature for course management; frequently annotating a round of golf and building an in-depth understanding of how best to play a course. Pros have their caddies, who have their notebooks - we mere mortals have the Hole19 app and course notes.


Sure, we may be a tiny bit biased...but we find the stats that the app churns out super useful.

Speaking with the golfers here at Hole19 HQ, the most popular reason for the stats making this list was their ability to help shape and focus practice; giving our golfers understanding of their 'problem' areas and those which need a bit of work.

Improving our practice sessions was a major focus of our new year's resolutions - mixing our stat knowledge with some awesome, game improving drills is our ticket to better golf this season.

Premium Users can benefit from even more detailed stats and insight; including club by club stats and feedback.

In-App Course Discovery

Looking for a new place to play? Or perhaps you want a sneak peak at a course you're about to take on for the first time?

Course Discovery allows you find courses near and far, all from the comfort from your Hole19 App. Our database has over 40,000 courses worldwide so it should have you covered. We've even got tee time booking available on some golf courses in the US and Portugal.

Golfers at Hole19 HQ are often seen browsing Course Discovery trying to decide upon their next golfing venue. Variety is, after all, the spice of life.

There you have it, our golfers top 'unsung' app features.

New Feature Coming soon...

We've been making some changes to our course maps. We'll be announcing something new very soon!

Perhaps you've got some suggestions for new features we should consider adding?


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