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Hole19 Tour '19 - August

Get ready to play (and win) this month with Hole19! — As part of Hole19 Tour’19, we'll be unlocking ALL Hole19 Premium features for everyone to enjoy on Sunday 18 and Monday 19! And to make things better, we will also be showcasing one of our Premium features and reward 19 random golfers with one month of Hole19 Premium Pro (Website subscriptions).

Are you excited for Hole19 Tour '19? Of course you are and rightfully so! We're unlocking ALL Hole19 Premium features to everyone for 24 hours 48 HOURS! Yes, you heard us correctly—for this time only, Premium Pro will be available from Sunday 18th to Monday 19th, so you can all enjoy some good summer golf!

The rules are super simple; all you need to do is open the Hole19 App, play a round of golf, and you will automatically be entered for a chance to win one month of Premium Pro, in addition to the ultimate final prize which we will be giving away at the end of the year. You can see the current leaderboard here and read the full announcement here.

And yes, we’re having ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!
As promised, we will be holding a second giveaway in celebration of Hole19 Tour’19! We’d like to thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey to better golf, and be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram feed.

August 19th


This month we’re focusing on a Premium feature that was recently updated for both Android and iOS: Multiplayer! So, what are you waiting for? 😉 Add your friends to your Hole19 Buddies list and invite them to a round of golf!

Multiplayer allows golfers to compete against their buddies hole-by-hole with the touch of a finger, easy as that! And if your buddy isn’t a Hole19 member yet, worry not because you can create a new player that hasn't already signed up.


If you want to add a player from your Hole19 Buddies list (the golfers that you're following), all you need to do is to tap on '+ Add Player' on the Round Setup screen, find and select your buddies and then tap on 'Start Round'.

Once you’ve selected the players you want to compete against, you’ll be ready to start your round and track each golfer’s scores.


After you’ve completed the round, we’ll be sure to send your buddies a scorecard right to their emails.

Want to learn more about Multiplayer? Check out our Help Centre articles for both iOS and Android.

Off to the challenge!

To win one of the nineteen 1-month subscriptions:

- Play a round on August 18 or 19th, 2019

To increase your chances to win one of the Final Prizes at the end of the year

- Play at least one Multiplayer round.

Can't wait to try Premium Pro?

Ready? Go challenge your friends!


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