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Hole19 Tour ‘19 - May 19

Get ready to play on May 19 — We unlock ALL Hole19 Premium features to everyone on the 19th of each month, showcase one of our features and reward 19 random golfers with one month of Hole19 Premium Pro (Website subscriptions).

Hey, golfers! We're entering the fifth month of the Hole19 Tour '19, and it's just getting better as many of you golfers out there are starting to play more golf, so mark your calendars, prepare your clubs and get ready to hit the golf course this Sunday.

Remember, all you need to do is open your Hole19 App on that very day to find all features unlocked, and play a round to be in with a chance of winning Premium Pro, or the ultimate final prize which we will be giving away at the end of the year. You can see the current leaderboard here and read the full announcement here.

May 19th

Auto-change Hole

This time we focus on a very useful Premium feature that will save you some time during your golf rounds. Auto-change Hole, as its name states, detects whenever you are moving to the next hole and automatically updates it.

To enable this feature, you just need to tap on the bottom of the screen during your round, select 'Settings' and then turn 'On' the 'Auto-change hole' toggle.

Auto-change Hole Android

Easy, right? Now we were wondering, what could you do with those precious seconds between tees now that you don't need to manually change hole? Click on the link below to find out...

5 Things To Do Rather Than Change Hole Manually

Visit our Help Center to learn more about Auto-Change Hole, for Android or iOS.

Off to the challenge!

To win one of the nineteen 1-month subscriptions:

  • Play a round on May 19th, 2019

Make sure to activate Auto-Change Hole when playing your round ;)

Remember, all Hole19 Premium features will be unlocked on May 19 and you don't need to do anything, just open your app and enjoy some good golf time!

PS. Take the time to try out not only Auto-change Hole but all of the game-enhancing Premium features ;)

Premium Features List

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