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Podcast: Michael Collins, ESPN (part 3)


"I didn't go to college, I failed high school English, and I still type with 2 fingers. Which is why, when ESPN orignally called me a 'Senior Golf Writer', I laughed and made them change it, because anybody else in the media center whose title has 'writer' at the end is going to want to kick me in the teeth." (0:55 mark)

If Hollywood can split The Hobbit into 3 movies, then why can't we split the Michael Collins podcast into a trilogy?

In part 1, we heard the Judas Priest story. In part 2, we heard the Tiger-refuses-to-get-his-cape-cleaned theory.

In part 3, Michael discusses the complication of recommending the "crazy route" to somebody asking for career advice, his style as a journalist, and his favorite comedians of all time:

Michael's new radio show with Pat Perez just dropped##

If you listened to part 1, you'll remember I started the podcast by asking about Michael's "secret new podcast project" and inviting myself on (didn't work). Well as it happens, Out of Bounds with Pat Perez and Michael Collins debuted today on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio, so check that out.

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Michael Collins on Twitter: @ESPNCaddie.

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